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The following testimonials are from Migun's corporate website where Migun users can post their comments directly onto the message boards. Do you have a testimonial you would like to share? Please email us your own testimonial!
south africa"...mobility has increased by 90%"
I want to thank you for the privilege to test the Migun (Massage Bed). I have had 21 sessions and I can really say that it has been very beneficial for me. I found the relaxation very good, and I found I had more energy later in the day. I had a really bad neck problem, I had difficulty in moving my neck and I can truly say that mobility has increased about 90%. I enclosed the X-ray report... really grateful.
–Naomi, Cape Town

south africa"I cannot believe that a machine can work so deeply."
It feels as if years and years of accumulated stress can be worked on while lying down and relaxing. The force of gravity also seems to have a positive affect and there is no effort involved. A friend came today to use the bed and said, 'I cannot believe that a machine can work so deeply' and that about sums it up. So again my sincere thanks for bringing it to South Africa.
–Jean Mackenzie, Cape Town

usa"Migun has given me ENERGY!!"
I've been going to a chiropractor for a year and half, getting massages twice a month, eating right (vegetarian and eating my greens) AND Migun has given me ENERGY!! I have such a feeling of well-being. My digestion, sleep and stress levels have improved. The spark in my life is becoming a FLAME! Thank you, Migun.
– Liza Shone

usa"The pain went away and has not returned."
In June 2006, my aunt introduced me to the Migun Thermal Massage Beds. After the first 5 or 6 times my tail bone was sore, but then the pain went away and has not returned. The beds have relieved me of my back pain and stress. I also love the health mats and I have decided to purchase a mini mat and plan to buy a health mat and Migun Thermal Bed when I am able. The staff is great too, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about my health. I am telling everyone about Migun!
– Cheryl

usa "...effective means of pain and fatigue control without side effects."
I am writing on behalf of my patient, Ms. Amy L. Goodman. Ms. Goodman is a woman with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS #780.71) & Heavy Metal Toxicity #958.0. She experiences a significant amount of fatigue and body aches and pains. The intense fatigue causes excessive limitations to her activity therefore resulting in low back, shoulder and neck pain. Ms. Goodman has found, following 4 months of limited use of a MIGUN thermal acupressure bed, it has been helpful in relieving her pain and fatigue. I feel using this therapy is probably more effective for Ms. Goodman with very low chance of side effects compared to the other treatments she has tried in the past with no significant improvement. CFS is a condition for which we have no consistently proven successful treatment. Therefore, finding effective means of pain and fatigue control without side effects is an integral part of Ms. Goodman's medical treatment. I believe the MIGUN thermal acupressure bed should be covered under her insurance policy as a medical treatment. 

usa "I am no longer lying in bed with crippling pain. Words cannot express my thanks to the Migun Thermal Massage Bed Center for helping me lose 28lbs and my blood pressure has dropped from 120/86 to 110.80."
Greetings! I am writing this letter to say thank you. Coming to the Migun Alberta Centre, I have been freely able to use the Thermal Massage Bed and other equipment. I have received assistance in a loving and caring manner. I have seen my health improve greatly. On my first visit I could barely walk to the massage bed. Further more I was unable to complete the full massage, I felt like I was on an Ex-ticket ride. I returned home with a motion sickness bag in hand. I was extremely thirsty and tired and crashed on the bed and slept for 2 1/2 hours. I showered and freshened up since I had perspired so much during the sleep. Not being able to struggle with the clean sheets any further I left the corners for another time. I spread the bottom sheet flat and climbed back into the bed. I then reached for my medications, Tylenol #4, Ibuprofen 600mg, morphine 5mg and with medications in hand, I stopped myself. I was no longer in pain in my back, neck, legs, higs, shoulders and feet. It was 7 hours since I had last taken any pain medications, WOW!!!! I actually felt smooth in my body and no pain. Now after a couple of months of Migun Thermal massage 5-6 times a week I have much increased physical strength. After daily massage treatments I attended the street performer's festival 3 days in a row returning home after 10:30 pm. WOW 3 full days. Thanks to Migun Massage Beds I now have an increased physical and social quality of life. Yes I continue to have severe osteoarthritis with joint disarrangement but I am no longer lying in bed all day with crippling pain. Words cannot express my thanks to the Migun Thermal Massage Bed Centre for helping me lose 28 lbs and my blood pressure has dropped from 120/86 to 110/80. Thank you Vivian, Simon, Garry, Rose, Bill, Clris and betty for your true loving care and desire for my better health. "It's happening" Thank you, thank you, thank you
– Beverly Smith

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