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Professional sportsmen/women, athletic teams, dancers, and even movie stars have used the Migun. But don't let them sway you. See for yourself!
usa Springbok Canoeist and Surf-Ski Medalist/Berg River Marathon Results - 1st 2001,2nd 2002,2nd 2003,3rd 2004,2nd 2005,3rd 2007,2nd 2008 - Graeme Solomon

“The Migun bed provided unbelievable relief for aching muscles after hours spent on the river and in the gym, training for the Berg River marathon. What was a huge added bonus for me that after using the bed I was able to sleep, uninterrupted through the night. I give the bed a huge thumbs up and would recommend the bed without a moment’s hesitation.” - Graeme Solomon*

*A Migun South Africa sponsored athlete

Graeme Solomon
australia Natural World Champion 2000, 2001
- Eda Lackner

"The Jadestone Migun Thermal Massage Bed is a great way to relax after a hard workout. I have found that just fifteen minutes treatment helps to relieve the tightness and soreness of muscles as well as eliminating any aches and pain so I’m ready to hit the gym again."
brazilLegendary Football Captain - Cafu

The Cafu (A.K.A. Marcos Evangelista de Morais) is undoubtedly one of the star players of the Brazilian football squad. The legendary Brazilian captain Cafu might get his name in record books as the only player to play in four FIFA World Cup Finals. Other credentials he can win are that of the Brazil player with most appearances in FIFA World Cup matches.
usaChampion Pro Golfer - Arnold Palmer

"I have been using it (The Jadestone Migun Thermal Massage Bed) daily since you brought it and I feel great. To be honest, you alarmed me a bit with the talk about letting my body become familiar and comfortable with the bed, but I have nothing but positive experiences.

Kit is getting accustomed to it and I have confidence that if she stickes with it, the bed will solve her hip problems.

Arnold Palmer"
usa International Film Star - Matt Damon fkajdfajskdjfka
"Hey Dan,
Love the Migun!"
-Matt Damon
usa Miami City Ballet Dancers

"Thank you so much for our massage bed...our dancers absolutely love it!"
– Miami City Ballet
usa Academy Award Winning Singer & Actress - Shirley Jones & Actor/Agent - Marty Ingels

"I love the bed. Thanks."
– Shirley Jones

"So Migun...Now that you've made us trim and fit and beautiful...we're off to Paris and Spain!
Marty "
usa Major League Baseball Team - Florida Marlins

"Migun, Thank you for all your help this spring!"
– Jeremy Hermida
usa Major League Baseball Team - Florida Marlins

"Migun, Thanks for everything!"
– Chris Aguila

usa Major League Baseball Team - Florida Marlins

"Migun, What a bed!"
– Matt Treanor

usa Major League Baseball Team - New York Mets

Joe McEwing

Tom Glavine

Shane Spencer

Karim Garcia

Cliff Floyd
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