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NEW Migun Healthy Mat!
Nature meets Modern Science

mat bedIntroducing Migun Healthy Mat a new line of products to long healthy life and new way of healthier lifestyle. Convert sleep into strength and wellbeing.

Sleep is a very important element in maintaining our health. This sleep system was upgraded by using sixteen year’s of Migun’s patented technology and the personal experience and feedback of its users.

What is the All New Migun Healthy Mat?

New “100” year old stone is produced by Migun’s unique new technology by mixing ores, such as germanium, tourmarlin, zeolite, petlite, ophiolite, sericite, zirconia, loess, and ceramic. The friction of a new “100” Year Old Stone” against another new “100 Year Old Stone” creates pure and all natural light. Therefore, there are no harmful ingredients and the emission of infrared rays is high and extremely healthy. You will sleep more comfortably than ever by feeling the Migun difference.

No Harmful Electromagnetic Waves

The Migun Healthy Mat does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves that can disrupt your healthy flow of energy. The Migun Healthy Mat offers a cool surface to relax on during the hot summer months.

Dual Side Temperature Control

The Migun Healthy Mat features temperature control system allows two people on the same bed to adjust the temperature to their preference.

Full Size or Queen Size Available!

Migun MG-3600 Thermal Mini Mat

health mini matMigun’s MG-3600 Thermal Mini Mat isdeveloped for anyone that needs heat and comfort. If you are working at the office all day or watching TV at home, you can plug in a Migun MG-3600 Mini Mat for quick and soothing heat relief.

Underneath synthetic leather cover, there’s a thick carbon panel that heats up when power is turned on. The warm temperature is distributed evenly throughout the entire surface of the heating panel, which warms your body in seconds.

On the top of the synthetic cover, there are ceramic blocks attached throughout the surface, and the carbon panel inside would heat up these ceramic blocks. By doing that, the users would not surprise by a sudden increase of the temperature. The Migun MG-3600 is also portable, great for cottages for some relaxation and stress relief. You can also use the MG-3600 Thermal Mini Mat in combination with the Migun Thermal Massage Bed System placed on top of your stomach and legs for maximum circulation to the abdominal, knees, and leg area.

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