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Benefits of Daily Use of the Migun Thermal Massage Bed
The Migun Thermal Massage Bed is most effective when used on a daily basis to keep the body in shape, and to help achieve desired fitness goals. The continual use of the bed will have other numerous health benefits. The far infrared heat generated from the helium bulbs will penetrate deep into the muscular and cellular levels, thereby relieving tension, tightness, and soreness of muscles. At the same time, heat stimulates activities of the cells, removing dead cells and destroying free radicals. Coupled with the far infrared heat, the massage effects from the acupressure will promote increased blood circulation. As the oxygenated blood supply is increased, more nutrition is delivered throughout the body, and toxins are released, thus improving the condition of organs and their normal functioning, As a result of achieving homeostasis (balance in the body), the body’s metabolism and immunity are strengthened. The Migun Thermal Massage Bed not only gradually eliminates pains and discomfort, but also speeds up the recovery process of many common health conditions.
Traditional Eastern Medicine
Traditional Eastern medicine has discovered that particular points on the body are connected and correspond to various organs.  The majority of these pressure points are located near the spine.  Grounded in the principle that good health depends on the proper flow of a vital life energy called Chi (Qi), the stimulation to specific body points recharges life force while returning proper balance.
Migun’s unique process targets these pressure points with a precise but relaxing massage from our jade massage heads.  The experience offers acupressure or acupuncture session.
Moxibustion / Far Infrared Rays
Moxibustion is an Eastern medical treatment where heat is applied to specific acupuncture points.  Migun’s enhanced heat treatment stimulates and encourages better blood circulation and the extensibility of soft tissues.  It also boosts the performance of tissue cells, encourages muscle relaxation, and relieves discomfort while releasing pollutants.
Migun’s extraordinary approach also produces far infrared rays.  These rays effectively deliver heat deep into the body as much as 7 centimeters deep.

jade helium bulbs






Jade / Helium Gas Bulbs
For thousands of years, jade has been known as a mysterious healing stone in Eastern Medicine.  Royal families across Asia treasured jade for its miraculous effects on the human body.  Western Medicine also greatly admires the jade for it calcium and magnesium mineral deposits that are known to be anti-aging factors.
When heated by helium, the jade releases the far infrared rays.  These infrared rays emit ions that are essential for the body’s continued healing and natural anti-aging systems.
It’s because of this priceless understanding Migun uses jade massage heads on top of helium gas bulbs.  Together, this powerful combination, in conjunction with our advanced technology is the most natural way to heal your body, mind, and soul while receiving a massage you’ll never forget.
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