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Migun HY-7000 Thermal
Massage Bed

HY-7000 is an innovative and unique thermal massage bed system that is designed to provide a relaxing and soothing massage from the head to the ankle. The HY-7000 offers (7) different operating modes to provide you a massage like to no other. It’s not just a conventional massage bed; it’s a new way of a healthier lifestyle. Specific operational treatment modes combined with techniques provide a more deep and soothing therapeutic massage.

• The treatment area for Upper Body has been extended to cover the lower hip area.

• The treatment area for Lower Body has been designed to cover from thigh to ankle, thereby treating entire body.

• Users can choose from seven Operational Modes.

• External Jade Massage Heads can be used to treat desired areas effectively.

• The moving speed of Internal Jade Massage Heads can be changed as preferred.

• All new external 15-way jade massage heads and 2-way jade massage heads can be directly applied to desired areas for more effective use.

• The speed of the internal jade massage heads can be set to low, middle or high.   

• Adjustable settings include: temperature of internal and external unit, movement and speed settings. All settings are easily controlled by the remote control.

• There is a new program that allows users to manually set treatment area and treatment time.

• The enlarged size provides more comfort and support

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